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When thinking about outside walls, we often imagine a red brick wall

Along with rising energy costs, this image now includes also the insulation layer - expanded polystyrene or mineral wool.

In the last few decades such a solution is becoming less frequently used. Investors pay attention not only to what people think the house should look like, but also to the facts. The key factors these days are durability, energy efficiency, construction time, robustness of the house, continuity of insulation, and total construction costs. It is obvious that when you pay for building the wall and then for insulating it, you pay twice.

The entire Izodom system comprises almost 100 elements connected with each other just like the Lego bricks. The more elements the system has, the faster the construction because the amount of work on site is minimized.

The idea behind the Izodom technology is fast erection of the formwork made of insulating elements to the entire height of the storey and then filling the formwork with pumped concrete.

When using the Izodom technology, four workers can build the walls of one storey of a 180 m2 house in five working days. If the zero level is well prepared, the formwork of all walls (including placement of installations inside, modelling the doors and windows, and installation of supports needed for the duration of concreting) will take them three days. The concreting will take 4-5 hours on day four. Day five is for dismantling the supports and starting the works on the floor slab.

Time is money, but never forget durability and quality.

Can we build faster? Yes, we can, but this will affect the durability and quality of the structure and the insulation. 
The Izodom technology is the fastest, but at the same time the most durable low-energy technology.

What are the other factors that determine the quick construction in the Izodom system?

Lightweight elements are easier to transport and place in the wall. 1 m2 of our forms weighs from 3.6 to 7.3 kg. Individual elements feature grooves for easy cutting. Special locks ensure extremely fast assembly and suitably profiled interior facilitates placement of reinforcement in right places.

We guarantee the strength of Izodom elements in case the concrete is poured up to the height of 3 m. But it must be underlined that an experienced team can fill the formwork up to even 5 m during one shift, meeting all strength parameters.

Wood saw, spirit level and supports which ensure formwork stiffness during the concreting and keep it in a vertical position are the basic pieces of equipment used on site. When employing an experienced contractor or self-building a house under supervision of a specialized instructor, the durable and energy efficient building can be erected at an unheard-of speed.

Type of material                                                                                          Time consumption

Small-sized ceramic elements                                                                    about 5 - 6 hours/ 1 m2

Medium-sized calcium-silicate or gas concrete blocks                             about 4 - 5 hours/ 1 m2

Izodom elements - unexperienced team                                                    about 1 hours/ 1 m2

Izodom elements - rationally managed team with minimum experience   about 0,3 hour/ 1 m2

Material                                                            Amount of material handled manually per 1m2 of the wall

Calcium-silicate blocks - 25 cm                      324 kg

Ceramic bricks - 25 cm                                   360 kg

Gas concrete - 49 cm                                      245 kg

Izodom elements - 45 cm                                7.3 kg

Izodom elements - 35 cm                                6.5 kg

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