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More floor Space 
When you use the Izodom technology to build a passive or low - energy house you get extra floor space.

How come? Thanks to excellent insulating properties, the walls do not need to be that thick.

                                                                                               Super King Blok  King Blok      Standard

Heat transfer coefficient                                                         0,1 W/m2K      0,15 W/m2K      0,28 W/m2K

Thermal resistance                                                                 10 m2K/W6,    66 m2K/W3,      57 m2K/W

Total element thickness                                                          45 cm              35 cm               25 cm

Let’s assume that we build two low-energy houses of exactly the same footprint: the first with traditional method from LECA or gas concrete blocks insulated with 20-cm styrofoam layer, the other one from elements of the Kling Blok system. In both cases, we get the same thermal performance of about 0.15W/m2K. If we use the 35-cm Izodom forms, on two storeys we get 10 m2 of extra floor space. And where are these 10 m2 lost when we use traditional technology? This area is used for thicker walls.

Choose the right technology and win a bonus: a few square metres of extra floor space!

In case of a passive house, the extra floor space is even larger. This is important because the cost of one square metre of such a house is rather high. When you think of building a low-energy or passive house, ask our competitors about the wall thickness necessary to obtain given heat transfer coefficients. Our performance is 0.15W/m2K for 35-cm walls and 0.1 W/m2K for 45 cm.

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