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Inside walls

The Izodom elements can be used to make inside walls,both load-bearing and partition.

For partition walls, we recommend the MC 1/15 element with thin insulation layers and 8 cm concrete core. The load-bearing inside walls have 15 cm concrete core. Depending on their function, the elements with foam or plastic ties are used - MCFU and MCF. The type of ties influences the wall fire rating.

Using the system elements to erect all walls and pumping the concrete significantly reduces the construction time. 
In addition, it makes the building more rigid, as the concrete in all walls is a monolithic structure.

Insulation of inside walls reduces the thermal inertia of the building. What matters is the right air temperature inside which is responsible for thermal comfort of the people living in the house. Who wants to pay for keeping a few hundred tons of structure at a room temperature? Low thermal inertia is important in case of modern, smart heating systems.

For the few remaining philosophies of accumulating heat in inside walls we have another solution. Well insulated Izodom outside walls can be connected with ceramic or systemic inside walls, just like in the figure above. This will allow the accumulation of energy which will be given away when the outside temperature begins to drop.

Please note that the Izodom walls have the fire rating conforming with the EU standards. The elements with foam ties can be used in single family houses. For apartment buildings, public buildings, separating walls in duplex houses choose the MCFU elements with plastic ties. After concreting, they make a monolithic concrete wall with the top fire rating, as proven by the certificate which gives the MCFU elements the REI 120 mark.

Hanging cupboards on the walls:

To hang lightweight objects, up to approximately 2 kg, you can use the hooks driven into the plaster or plasterboard. For heavier objects, such as water heaters, water tanks or kitchen cupboards use the 8 mm dia and 15 cm long expansion plugs. When anchored 10 cm deep into the concrete, the plug can withstand loads of about 150 kg. Install heavier objects on a few expansion plugs or on systemic anchor channels.

Doors and windows:

The door frames and window frames are installed in a similar manner - by fixing them with expansion bolts to the concrete core. Wooden keys allow installing the frame in a correct place. The gaps are filled with fitting foam. Please note that reveals are very well insulated and no freezing occurs around the opening.

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